It operates from.6-1.8V, and is compatible with USB Type-C and Lightning inter-faces.
Operating from a supply voltage.6V.8V, the AS3412 just.
More information about the ams line of noise-cancelling ICs is available as well as, fIILs range of headsets.
Typical power consumption in normal feed-forward operation, with a 260A load for twin microphones,.5mW.Product Datasheet, demoboard, price (1k aS2522B, speakerphone IC with a serial interface to standard CPU.The ams portfolio of ANC ICs offers a combination of high audio performance and low power consumption.PDF, request, open detailed view.Advanced noise cancellation features include: Smart noise adjustment user-selectable choice of three operating modes.PDF, request, aS3515, stereo audio codec with power management system.There is a development kit including a software GUI, firmware and simulation environment.Fiils choice, the AS3412, measures.2 mm.2 mm.4 mm in a WL-CSP.PDF, request, aS3543, high end stereo audio Codec with power management system.In addition, ams AS3412 finds employment in the Driifter Pro, one of the first neck-band-based Bluetooth in-ear ANC headphones of its kind.Low-power, high performance AS3435 and miniature AS3412 noise-cancelling ICs from ams enable headphone-maker fiil to achieve what is described as outstanding ANC performance in its next-gen on- and in-ear headphones.The AS3435 was chosen for the Canviis Pro on-ear headphones in order to enable an active noise cancellation and greater than 30 dB of noise attenuation and a THD of less than.5 at a 100-dB SPL.

PDF, view, request, buy, sample AS2534 Single-chip telephone IC with line interface, speech circuit, dialler and ringer PDF View Request Buy Sample AS2535 Single-chip telephone IC with line interface, speech circuit, dialler and ringer PDF View Request Buy Sample AS2536 Single-chip telephone IC with line.
Wind mode cancels out noise caused by wind.
PDF, request, aS3517, stereo audio codec with advanced power management system.
Unlike more complex digital implementations, the AS3412 only requires a small number of supporting components, including a filter network composed of low-cost capacitors and resistors, said AMS.The AS3412 which comes in a tiny WL-CSP is ideally suited for this audio application because of the headphones size constraints.The package.2.2.4mm, chip-scale.A novel inclusion is integrated depletion-mode (on with no power supply) mosfet switching which by-passes the chips electronics when power is removes, eliminating the need for electromechanical bypass switching for example when the battery goes jeu concours pour la saint valentin flat.The ams hybrid Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) audio IC, the AS3435, is used in the high performance Canviis Pro wireless on-ear headphones.