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How long have they been resident?
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If someone is working and claiming: Name address of employer.Scheme for Council Tax Support page.If someone is not declaring other income: What type of income is it? Please provide us with as much evidence as possible if you are aware this is happening.Vehicles Provide the make (e.g.Any person who fails to notify the Council of a change of circumstances in order to continue to receive benefit is committing a criminal offence that is punishable.There are strict time limits for appealing to the Valuation Tribunal: If we reply to you within two months, you have a further two months from the date of our reply to appeal to the Valuation Tribunal.Whenever you have a change of address.What is Benefit Fraud, benefit fraud is where people claim a benefit including Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support they are not entitled to by giving false information or not telling us when their circumstances change.If this applies to you, your Council Tax Reduction is based on the total amount of Council Tax you are liable for, minus 20 percent of your excess income and any non-dependant deductions.

Remember, the more details you can provide about the alleged fraud, the more likely it is that we'll be able to initiate an investigation.
Form of Authority (Council Tax fill in this form and return it to us if you would like us to talk or write to somebody else on your behalf.
You should also, if requested to do so, confirm in writing the reason why you wish your claim to be cancelled and the date you wish your claim to be cancelled from.
All information is kept strictly confidential and you do not have to give your name and address if you don't want.It is a major part of organised crime today.We do however consider Benefit Fraud to be a serious offence against not only the Council and the Government, but against society as a whole, for this reason we are seriously committed to tackling the issue of Benefit fraud in a professional manner, working.Name(s) and address(s) of person(s) involved.If someone is not declaring other capital owned: Type of capital?An overpayment occurs when you have received benefit that you were not entitled.Pensioners, if you (or you and your partner together) have more than 16,000 in savings you will not be entitled to Main Council Tax Reduction, unless you also receive Pension Credit Guarantee Credit.

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We will normally keep your records for up to seven financial years, and then they will be destroyed securely.