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Due to these backgrounds, the Cuban government established a national film institute called Cuban Institute of Cinematographic Art and Industry (icaic).
Icaic made two clarifications: first, cinema is an art, and second, cinema constitutes an instrument of opinion and formation of individual and collective consciousness.
Icaic sent trainee directors to work as assistants in France, Italy, East Germany, and elsewhere.
In 1960, Cine Cubano, the icaics film journal, is published.Those changes point out that the icaic is devoted to educate people and draw peoples attention by organizing activities.In order to keep Cubas theaters going, the icaic imported a large number of movies from France, Italy, Japan and other countries, which creates a great diversity.Also, the Escuela International de Cine y Televisión (International School of Film and Television) got founded by the icaic in 1986.Contents, history of the icaic edit, the creation of the icaic edit, before the Revolution, Cubans did not receive free education."Havana up in Harlem: LeRoi Jones, Harold Cruse and the Making of a Cultural Revolution." Science Society.1 (2001.YouTube6:10,24:06,6:40,4:18,8:09,4:59,5:05.During the 1980s, icaic has changed the organization structure and formed a separate office only for exhibition and associated activities for educating people.To Cuban cinema, it was about time to explore something new from other countries and not rely on the.S.Tomás Gutiérrez Alea and Julio García Espinosa were the only two main directors in Cuba in the 1960s, so the international code promo made in asia program for educating young directors became indispensable.The icaic celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2009.

The number of audiences who are willing to go to the theaters decreased due to the growth of the television in the 1970s.
6 They put education into powerful concours archimede resultats words.
"Filmmaking and Politics: The Cuban Experience." The American behavioral scientist.3 (1974 366 Johnson, William.
Despite of the economic influence, the passion of the icaic on education through cinema did not decline.
It also shows everyone that icaics contribution is highly significant and important to Cuban culture.The style is to educate people with the correct human beings, train audiences to become more active on interpreting the meanings and enhance their critical thinking skills."Filmmaking and Politics: The Cuban Experience." The American behavioral scientist.3 (1974) 159.Citation needed, the government wanted to find a way to reach public.Citation needed, so, cinema and other mass media not specific enough to verify were considered the best way to reach the public.It includes films, interviews, filmographies, and movie plots.Beyond subsidies by the government, icaic receives a lot of sponsorships from Cine Cubano.Only wealthy people could get educated.The icaic is an organization of a film industry to produce, distribute and exhibit films and related work following the Cuban Revolution.