Marcel : "Audio-visual gender recognition in uncontrolled environment using variability modeling techniques" was awarded iapr (International Association for Pattern Recognition) Best Biometrics Student Paper Award at the International Joint Conference on Biometrics 2014 (ijcb, 2014 29 September - t Clearwater, Florida, USA).
Sylvain Calinons Robot Learning Interaction group of the Idiap Research Institute in Martigny was selected amongst the 10 finalists.
She prepared her thesis in the epfl Doctoral School in Electrical Engineering (edee and was a member of Idiap's NLP group.
Advancement of women in science research Aug 05, 2010 Active participation gagner de l'argent avec des jeux facebook of IM2 in a festival for children New opening for a Doctoral research position in audio and speech processing education Jul 20, 2010 The PhD student will investigate novel methods for automatic analysis and.On October 9th, 2015, Kenneth Funes was awarded the epfl doctorate for his dissertation entitled 3D Gaze Estimation from Remote RGB-D sensors.Daniel Gatica-Perez mentioned in The New York Times research Mar 22, 2016 Prof.Research Jan 25, 2016 Marzieh Razavi, Idiap/epfl.New opening for a postdoctoral positions in computer vision/behavior recognition.

Canal9 visits the Baxter robot at Idiap research Apr 14, 2016.
Education Jan 13, 2012 Idiap signs a Memorandum of Understanding double down casino free chips promo codes 2018 with two Indian Institutions research Jan 13, 2012 In december 2011, Idiap signs a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Indian Institute of Technology at Guwahati (iitg) and the International Institute of Information Technology (iiit).
Research Sep 13, 2013 The International Symposium of Wearable Computers (iswc) and the International Joint Conference on Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing (Ubicomp) were held in Zurich, September, and featured by NZZ, the Neue Zürcher Zeitung.
Idiap's "5 to 6 discover the activities of the Idiap Research Institute the second Wednesday of each month institute Jun 02, 2016 Did you already ask yourself what goes on behind the walls of the Idiap Research Institute in Martigny?
Venkatesh Bala Subburaman successfully defended his PhD thesis education Mar 29, 2012 The lasec lab and Idiap beat to the rhythm of a new common project research Mar 29, 2012 Idiap announced the start this month of the Biometrics Evaluation and Testing (beat) project funded.Laboratory (pdf-200ko units associated with Doctoral School ED481.Institute Sep 13, 2010 Thomas Meyer, new Idiap PhD student education Sep 07, 2010 New opening for a Postdoctoral position in Machine Translation education Aug 23, 2010 KeyLemon cuts a deal with one of the most important computer manufacturers in Brazil.The 2010 Annual Report is out institute Jun 21, 2011 Ramviya Parasuraman joins Idiap as a new PhD student.28 chercheurs ou entrepreneurs sont dans les starting-blocks dun concours international inédit.

Education Dec 01, 2011 Idiap is pleased to announce the release of Juicer and Tracter version.0.
Pre-compiled grammars are quite large, sometimes limited only by the size of the memory on the host CPU.
Education Jun 04, 2012 Pour faire face à la croissance continue de ses activités, ainsi quà certaines restructurations en interne, lIdiap met au concours, à Martigny, le poste de "Responsable de projets" Douglas Crets: You Want Disrupt With That?