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1 Rheinland-Pfalz/Hessen (Mon-Fri.30-17.55) G 2563 G AC3 12070 H tp 83 Pan Europe Sky Deutschland DVB-S2 mpeg-4/HD Videoguard 27500-9/10 qpsk 133-8.4 AC3 Suppenfritz V tp 84 Europe 51 Canal France DVB-S2 mpeg-4/HD Mediaguard 2 Nagravision 3 Viaccess.5 Viaccess.0 Viaccess.0 29700-5/6 qpsk 1-1084.2 AC3 T Viererbe 171113.
MTV Music 24 Conax Cryptoworks Irdeto 2 Mediaguard 2 Nagravision 3 Viaccess.Retrieved b Knox, David (24 February 2014).Shop G Bibel TV mpeg-4/Hchau TtarParadies Österreich G Hope Channel Deutsch mpeg-4/HTL Plus Österreich mpeg G new ATV Smart info card mpeg V tp 4 Europe 51 Movistar DVB-S2 mpeg-4/HD Nagravision /3 8PSK 1-1004.6 AC3 N Schlammer H tp 5 Europe 51 ORF Digital.A b c d e f g h "Walt Disney Company Limited (The.The A Line, which opened on April 22, 2016, whisks travelers to the heart of downtown, specifically the recently restored Union Station, which is the city's new transportation hub and "living room thanks to its plush surroundings.SES tests hevc/UHD SES tests hevc/UHD V tp 38 Europe Ku 51 Movistar DVB-S Mediaguard 2 Nagravision /.5 N Schlammer H tp 39 Europe Ku 51 ARD Digital DVB-S2 22000-2/3 8PSK 1-1039.6 M Subik 161017.3sat mpeg-4/HD G 65 G AC3 kika (06-21) mpeg-4/HD G 6622 G AC3 ZDF Info mpeg-4/HD G 67 G AC3 11362 H tp 11 Europe 51 ZDF Vision DVB-S2 22000-2/3 8PSK 1-1011.6 M Subik 161109.Retrieved b "Disney Junior chega a Portugal em novembro".

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1, additionally, there are similar channels, run by Sky UK, Sky Cinema Disney, in the UK and Foxtel, Foxtel Movies Disney in Australia.
F Radio Maryja Po Astra 1KR/1L/1M/1N LyngSat, last updated - ml Astra 1KR/1L/1M/1N LyngSat, last updated - ml Frequency Beam eirp (dBW) Provider Name Channel Name System Encryption SR-FEC SID -vpid onid-TID C/N lock apid Lang.Astra 1KR/1L/1M/1N.Pro Sieben Schweiz G 292 G AC3 Pro Sieben Austria G 85 G AC3 Kabel Eins Schweiz G Kabel Eins Austria G Sat.3, in November 2007, the France market version of Disney Cinemagic was launched.Retrieved "TV Channel: Sky Movies Disney HD".E MTV Dance Conax Cryptoworks Irdeto 2 Mediaguard 2 Nagravision 2 Viaccess.0 Viaccess.Retrieved Disney Cinemagic is incorporated in June to supply Digital "Disney Cinemagic - Tutti i week end su Sky Cinema Family".Retrieved 19 December 2013."Disney Cinemagic HD launches in UK".A b c d Annemarie Moody (20 November 2008).

In March 2006.
Source Updated 11720 H tp 65 Europe Wide 51 Sky Deutschland DVB-S2 mpeg-4 Videoguard 27500-9/10 qpsk 133-3.18 11739 V tp 66 Europe Wide 51 Viacom Media Networks DVB-S 27500-3/.5 Martin cz 170322.