promo ktm 1290

Too heavy, too complicated, too wide, too many poor designs for off-road, wheels, airbox, snorkel direction, brakes, suspension travel, tc, abs etc.
And you seem far more realistic about it foibles than many.
You were only réduction d'une fracture saying it was better than the promo mobilis 8 mars 1190 for 2-up does that mean you now think the 1190 is a better bike than something!I have always said that I'm sure it's a great bike for road touring, better than the 9*0's even, better brakes, tubeless tyres etc.Well Nigel, you seem to have finally realised that I don't hate the 1190!Pasig City, Philippines, tel.But hey, wtf do I know, it's just an opinion.I do like how you use yours for what it's intended and racking up some decent mileage, instead of dressing it up like you're gonna cross the Sahara like some.(02) / / Katipunan Avenue Brgy.

It's just that I don't think it's a go anywhere Adventure bike like the 9*0's.
Originally Posted by nigelj in what way much better.
If the 1190 is too expensive, too smothered in electronics, too far away from the KTM ideal, how is the 1290 's even more expensive, got even more tech and is even less likely to go off road than an 1190!?
I do however hate how Ktm market it as some kind of super off-road tool, it has far too many compromises to be a proper dualsport bike imo.Please choose your bike.I just read your post properly.For further information please read our Privacy Policy?With the aid of cookies we analyze the typical use pattern of visitors to the website.And the 1290 looks better again than the 1190 for touring, bigger range etc.We use our own and third party cookies in order to improve your experience and our service.