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The technology has to start somewhere, but the somewhat pricey Cam Plus and Hi-Fi Plus modules don't exactly excite.
Although, with the G5's suspicious power drain when idle we fear raising the brightness of this with a firmware update will only hamper battery life further.
Our main sticking point with the LG G5 is its battery life.
Do not hesitate to contact us if you feel that you have reached the page in mistake.It's good to see LG finally embracing a full metal body for its flagship smartphone, but the thick layer of primer/paint mix does take the premium shine off the handset.It also features an innovative new.3" display with Always-on mode, has the powerful Snapdragon 820 system chip on board and an innovative new dual camera system on the back, where the secondary camera shoots wider pictures.Whether you want to talk, download apps, text or surf the web, the.

LG G5 smartphone lets you take a variety of photos and videos, from vast and expansive views, to tight and close-up, all with the simple pinch of a screen.
Take a closer look at LGs entire code promo acheterclecd collection.
LG has now released the first promo videos for the G5, showcasing all of its awesome, radical new features.
LG smartphones and wireless headset technology, designed to make life good.
LG G5 smartphone can do it all, with impressive features that include: Get the big picture.It all too often found itself running low as we left work, and dying completely shortly after getting home - which means a top up part way through the day is a must for anyone who sees themselves as a moderate or heavy user.Take a look right below.The, g5 smartphone features an always-on display, which means no more searching for important notifications, or checking the time or date.LG smart phones that offer powerful performance, impressive design, superior audio quality and a multitude of state-of-the-art capabilities.The LG G5 is now only available to buy SIM free upfront - you can see the latest and best prices in our comparison chart below.Your cooperation and understanding will be appreciated.Techradar's LG G5 review highlights, we liked, the performance of the LG G5 is super slick.For the moment though, you'll be taking a punt on whether this will happen if you opt for the G5 now.