Anyway, so maybe you get a Gofer or promotion assistant job.
Study all the stations where you live.
Radio has been replaced by the web and satellite communications for large components of the globe, but also for millions of much less privileged people, radio is still a miracle of technology.Maybe they need a Gofer, or a production or promotion assistant.That's still a possibility (usually at night) in a small town, lettre de motivation oral concours infirmier but in a bigger city, it's hard because the stations are in office buildings.I have seen fake, false and misleading answers on these contests posted here.Take it from one who started this way.Years ago I had an expensive shortwave receiver.a guy named duh, oK, here's my brief version on how to get in radio.

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This was specifically true for bad or remote neighborhoods which didn't have accessibility to tv or various other methods of communication.
You can also tune into ham radio operators all over the world.If you find out that shortwave radio really interests you then surely consider a top notch shortwave radio.In remote farming communities in Australia, youngsters learn their school resolve radio.Read the below and good luck!You can hear around the world.