22 The Marine Corps' mascot is perpetually named "Chesty Pullerton." (e.g.
For his part, the minister of justice, Ahmad Ouyahia, has promised new measures, including limits on preventative detention, judicial control over the police and improvement in prison conditions.
The military had been accused of passivity and, worse, collusion with terrorists in 1998, after hundreds of men, women and children were slaughtered in a single night a short distance from an army barracks.
This is particularly important, not just because of Algerias long tradition as a single party state but also because of the brief period of political pluralism and liberalisation between 19 when it appeared that such an outcome might be possible.
In order to reinforce his authority and to achieve a genuine reconciliation with the Islamist movement, Abdelaziz Bouteflika took a new approach by organising a referendum on the issue which allowed him to ask the citizens of Algeria directly their views on the question.The SMs sole mission is the preservation of the regime against any form of destabilisation, be it internal or external.In 1996, 28 million people lived.6 million housing units - an occupancy ratio.8 - in which 55 per cent of the housing stock had been built before independence in 1962 and 10 per cent is considered to be unsanitary.There is an estimated shortage of at least 2 million units and the current construction rate of 100,000 per year is only slightly in excess of the annual growth in demand.At the onset of the conflict, in 1993, the two sides agreed on a war strategy against the Islamist groups who had emerged as the victors of the December 1991 legislative elections.In October 1999, the press published news of a visit by a large Israeli delegation, consisting of military figures, economists, businessmen and some representatives from the Mossad (Israels external security service).By his unflagging determination, he served to inspire his men to heroic efforts in defense of their positions and assured the safety of much valuable equipment which would otherwise have been lost to the enemy.Crude production capacity will soon reach.4 million b/d on a reserve.2 billion barrels, a reserve which, moreover, is constantly growing as new discoveries are made.

Constitutional redefinition to ensure accountable, transparent government, legitimised by democratic political process in which Algerias armed forces have a formalised, constitutional role; Political pluralism involving parties committed to democratic principles, whatever their ideological positions; Economic Reconstruction Reform of economic institutions to achieve transparency and accountability;.
Less attention has been paid that might have been hoped to addressing the crisiss root causes, despite formal support for cadeau garçon 14 ans political reform in the South Mediterranean region through the Barcelona Process.
3) Engage in a public and transparent dialogue with all Islamist groups, under the leadership of wafa, with the help of a neutral third party.One part of this study, which had been carried out by the most competent experts in the army, recommended an approach for resolving the Western Sahara issue.The 1st Marines under Puller's command lost 1,749 out of approximately 3,000 men, but these losses did not stop Puller from ordering frontal assaults against the well-entrenched enemy.THE crisis IS NOT.However, such activities, which are essentially repressive in nature, are bound to further de-legitimise the army as the embodiment of the Algerian state and this, in turn, will render it ever more difficult for the army to control the objective political situation.