Electricity is the cheapest commodity here and that has led to the abuse of it by the countrys people.
Right now in the country, people use too much energy and too many cars.
Keeping South Africas present status in mind, an experiment was designed to see what the country would be in 2050.
This alone is evidence that South Africa has been displaying poor management skills and has been unable to reduce energy consumption.
It is very important to increase the awareness among the people of the country about global warming.The need for bio fuel systems and solar heating is utmost essential for the country.The country is not energy efficient and they use poor quality energy.The SUV that is considered a big car today is the bare minimum for several South African families.

The experiment revealed that the carbon emissions would have increased four times in the country.
South Africa needs more energy efficient vehicles and also changes in peoples approach towards the environment.
Industry Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions In South Africa.There is also severe shortage of power supply.The cdg 42 concours 2018 common notion among environmentalists is that if South Africans do not change their attitude towards the greenhouse effect, then they can never reach their targets.There are a very few companies that have adapted to low energy consumption deals while most others remain the same.When it comes to the common man, several do not use the public transport and rely on private transport.South Africa has been making news for the fifa World Cup, and also bad global warming practices.Reducing Greenhouse Gases Emissons.The climate of the earth is constantly changing but at its own pace.More than 80 of total greenhouse gas emissions in the EU-27 are caused by energy production, energy use by the industry, services and households, and transport.