You get your very own RSS feed that allow you to publish automatically your most recent recipes directly in your Facebook profile, in your blog or elsewhere online.
Creating an account is free et allows to: access easily the recipes you have added and edit them if you wish to; to create and access a list of favorite recipes; to have your own RSS feeds to share your recipes online with your friends.
Two feeds are available: a feed containing the last recipe you have added with its text, and the other one containing the list of the last 10 recipes you have uploaded.
Here is what makes the success of Direct Access.Direct Access is a recipe database that created by its users.Thanks to numerous contributions, Direct Access has evolved in few months from a minor database of a couple of thousands recipes into a giant one of 30,000 recipes (and growing).To create an account, click on login.Displaying recipes, to access the recipes, select a category on the left or use the search tool.Shop'NCook software and Shop'NCook Lite app for the iPhone allow you to scale your recipes to the number of servings you need et let you make categorized shopping lists from your recipes with a click.You can access immediately the recipes you have added and keep completely control of them: you can edit them if you want to, or even remove them altogether from the database.Shop'NCook's parsing engine will recognize the ingredients and index the recipe automatically.What is Direct Access?Adding a recipe to Direct Access is child's game: contrarily to other database where the ingredients of the recipes have to be input separately, you just need to paste the recipe from the clipboard or type.The titles of the recipes are followed by a number in parenthesis that indicates the number of persons having added the recipe to their favorites.Direct Access is also a great way to share your recipes with friends.

The Direct Access database is always with you: you can add recipe to the database and consult it anytime anywhere - on the internet, on your iPhone via the free app Shop'NCook Lite or on your computer using, shop'NCook software for Windows and Mac.
Easy download to Shop'NCook shopping list and recipe manager software.
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