Magnum Bhd turning brighter after the gaming concerns shocking tax issues?
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Magnum did not propose any dividend for the first time in four years.
The company had a dividend yield.07 last year and a dividend payout ratio.94.Cheah predicted that Magnum would trade at RM1.75 within a year, implying.3 increase from the last close.Cimb Research has downgraded the stock from a hold to a reduce, with a lower target price of RM1.85 from RM2.08 previously.They're rated for 5500.

Jeep applications: Use any Jeep transmission that had a transfer case with a six bolt round pattern on it (NP208, NP231, D300 etc). .
Dodge Transmissions (most types Use any Dodge transmission that had a transfer case with a six bolt round pattern on it (NP208, NP241, etc). .
However, the company felt that it had reasonable grounds to fight the notices validity and the penalty imposed, and appointed solicitors for the case.
Overall, analysts have reduction boite a pizza douai lowered their consensus one-year target price for the stock by 13 in the past three months.
Meanwhile, two research houses have downgraded Magnum after it was slapped with the tax bill.Magnum had a cash pile of RM387mil and debt of close to RM1mil as of March.They're a proven extremely stout gearset in applications ranging from extreme offroad to today's high power diesel trucks.GM TH700 R4 / 4L60E Automatic Transmission: Remove the factory NP208 or NP241 transfer case and install the Magnum box with an NP205. .Use our short SM465 output shaft and adapter ( click here ).It declared a dividend of four sen in the first quarter of 2016.