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Swbat demonstrate how to safely carve a linoblock.
Day 11: Demonstrate how to measure and cut a mat board.Home, teaching Guides, commenting On Student Writing, print Resources on Designing and Using Rubrics.Copyright, colorado State University and/or this site's authors, developers, and contributors.Linoblock carving tools.Related Resources: THE standards 9-12 Proficient Students conceive and create works of visual art that demonstrate an understanding of how the communication of their ideas relates to the media, techniques, and processes they use 9-12 Proficient Students apply media, techniques, and processes with sufficient skill.MrsImpey, this lesson was used in a printmaking class and a studio art class at the high school level.Created on January 19, 2014.Eric Clearinghouse on Assessment and Evaluation.Day 2: Critique the objects.Swbat create 10 prints using the reduction print process.Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Educational Research Association (New Orleans, LA, April 24-28, 2000).

Students should spend the class period measuring their mat boards.
Procedure: Day 1: Give students an article/watch a video clip about Andy Warhol.
THE plan, completion time: 10 sessions; 40 minutes per session.
Printmaking paper, need these materials?
Draw it out and then having students transfer it to their linoblock.THE features, artists: Andy Warhol, periods/Movements: Pop Art, elements/Principles: Color/Value, Shape, Variety.Print a solid print of the block before carving (10 of them then carve off the first layer.Swbat identify the characteristics of Andy Warhol's pop art print.Discuss pop art and give students a homework assignment: bring in 3 objects from home that could be used in contemporary pop art.College English, 63 (4) 480-499.This Web site is part of the.Students pick one that they will use for their print.What happens when machines read our students' writing?Rubrics: Models of evaluation within a constructivist learning environment.

Assessment: See attached rubric on the Andy Warhol notes.
Understanding scoring rubrics: A guide for teachers.