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Paintball canisters tend to be a little bit bigger than SodaStream canisters and they also cost about half as much to refillsometimes even less!
FAQs (only 1 person has actually asked these questions to date, so they arent exactly frequent, but I imagine you might be wondering) Does the seltzer taste the same?
I did not want to build my own carbonation rig.
In this era of knockoffs, it's worth raising a bit of a caveat here.We knew it was becoming a problem when it took more than a single trip from the car into the house to carry our stash of 2L seltzer bottles.A standard American bathtub holds 150L of water.Step back and admire your work: The finished system!The drawback here is that a separate CO2 container will not fit completely inside a SodaStream unit.However, you can do a CO2 cylinder exchange locally, and youre charged 30 for a 130-liter CO2 cylinder exchange.Tasty bubble water of the gods.As for the adapters that connect the tanks to the SodaStream/DrinkMate, you can find several options with a quick online search.

Fortunately, this system is no longer in use.
I became interested in a hurry.
Some cocktail-napkin math revealed that the price per liter with this setup is about a quarter of the price of the all-SodaStream option.I gave this a shot a month ago and sure enough it worked!The big difference is in how its sweetened natural sweeteners are loaded with calories, but even artificial sweeteners that provide few calories have long-term health consequences.Since we make a liter at a time they don't take a lot of space in the fridge and that makes it more economical (we use to leave half-empty soda cans out way too often.Youll only be charged for the CO2 inside.Once youve done that, thread the line and the quick-attach fitting through the hole you drilled/chiseled.