09h23 #20 Ikewdu, voici la réponse de la cmd: Microsoft Windows version.1.7601 Copyright (c) 2009 Microsoft Corporation.
Pour ça, il faut un partitionneur tiers, car le gestionnaire de disque de Ws ne sait pas le faire.
This requirement applies to Windows 7 running on physical computers or on virtual machines.The risks and costs of obtaining and using pirated, or counterfeit, software are real, to individual customers and to organizations.At that point, no data can be traced to an individual customer.Therefore, in environments with few physical systems but many virtual ones, KMS now tallies system types as it tracks the minimum thresholds required for KMS activation.

Et tu as sacrément bien fait.
Ca permettra de comprendre ta situation actuelle avant de partir dans des opérations fumeuses.
Genuine Microsoft software CDs or DVDs (including volume media DVDs) come on holographic discs with multiple defining characteristics that are intentionally hard to duplicate.
Validation can also occur as part of an update from Windows Update.With Windows 7, Microsoft has enhanced its Software Protection Platform by expanding on its Windows Activation Technologies.To help customers, Windows 7 provides a grace period (usually 30 days) for customers to activate their copies of Windows.Per this notification schedule, on the fourth concours dut bts 2018 day after a customer logs on to Windows 7, a screen similar to that illustrated in Figure 4 appears immediately after the customer provides valid credentials.Too frequently, counterfeit software is bundled with malicious and unwanted software that can lead to corrupted systems, lost data, and even identity theft.Volume Activation in Large Organizations Microsoft policy requires the activation of all editions of Windows 7, including those obtained through a VL program.