The complete Rules and Regulations document is available on request at Concours International de Lyon, Parc Du Peloux, 331 chemin de la Croix de Fer, 69400 Limas, France.
Le seul fait de participer implique l'acceptation intégrale et sans réserve du présent règlement.
Autres informations.1 Noms des membres et des suppléants du jury, ainsi que des éventuels experts Président :.Nom, prénom, email, age, code Postal, votre photo pour le concours en pièce jointe.La feuille imprimée doit être volante.Do not hesitate to repeat your image several times to perfect the drawing.

Anders Olofsson, vice-syndic, Billens-Hennens.
Atelier kitchen print (organizer of the biennial) « The third edition of the contest is launched and now a biennial.
Do not forget to number, give a title and sign your print with graphite pencil and write the sentence (cf.
They graciously give their time to see your work and share this adventure with all people.
Since I was working a collaboration with Presidents Choice at the same time, I choose to kill two bird.This information also can be found on the website m article 14: composition OF juries Juries are composed of jurors who are designated and called directly by concours attaché territorial épreuves écrites the commissioner general from a list of jurors who have voluntarily registered on the cidls website.With regard to wines having a protected designation of origin or a protected geographical indication, only those wines that have been the object of a declaration of claim (provided for in articles.Article 10: calendar The opening and closing dates for registrations, as well as the deadline for the samples reception are available upon request from the Concours International de Lyon, Parc Du Peloux, 331 chemin de la Croix de Fer, 69400 Limas, France.In every respect, and under all circumstances, the name, brand, and distinctive signs found on the site or any other medium developed and used by the cidl are protected by copyright.Sales labels in conformity with the regulations of the country of production or sale shall be affixed to the sample bottles before they are submitted.Vorherigen Tweet einfügen, medien beifügen, auf Twitter anmelden.If possible, use 100 rag paper specially designed for art printing.Concours d'architecture - CSC Romont c/o Ruffieux-Chehab Architectes SA, Bd de Pérolles 18, 1700 Fribourg, Suisse, Téléphone: 026.321.30.10, Fax: 026.321.30.11, E-mail: .3 Délai souhaité pour poser des questions par écrit Remarques : Voir chapitre.16 "Questions - réponses" du règlement et programme.4 Délai.